Reviews of the Barrett book.
Acclaimed by the press, loved by the fans.

“If you have a serious interest in the artwork of Syd Barrett, you need to get it.”

… it is worth the price as the most comprehensive look at Barrett’s visual work to date.

… beautifully put-together …

Unlike other musicians turned artists, Barrett’s work evinces the true emotive quality of a real artist, a passion that’s evident even in a simple illustration of a turtle. Many pieces have never been seen before, and certainly not in such good quality. The book was put together with the cooperation of Barrett’s estate, and the new interviews with family and friends offer further insight into Barrett’s life. Highly recommended.”

Gillian G. Gaar in Goldmine, December 2011

“this book is a sensation […] The most amazing coffee table book in years.”

Alexander Gorkow in Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung, May 2011

“the authors, with the help of the Barrett family and friends, have unearthed a remarkable haul of personal correspondence, previously unpublished photographs and images of all Syd’s known artwork. It’s an extraordinary achievement.

Beautifully packaged, eruditely written and full of insight (but, inevitably, tinged with sadness), Barrett feels like the ultimate work of art.”

Mark Blake in Mojo, June 2011

“The printing, binding and full colour reproduction are sumptuous and immaculate, and the whole presentation subscribes to the concept of the book as a work of art in itself. Plainly Barrett is an essential object for the well-heeled Syd obsessive.”

Mick Farren in Classic Rock, June 2011

“a salutary corrective to previous Barrett studies, which had accentuated his drug-taking”

Ian Thomson in the Times Literary Supplement, March 2011

“For too long Syd has been remembered for his madcap weirdness. The new book and exhibition should put the focus back on his work and exuberant invention.”

Charles Spencer in the Daily Telegraph, March 2011

“a fascinating insight into the life and work of Syd Barrett”

Record Collector, March 2011

“The fascinating new book Barrett offers the reader unrivalled access to the lifet’s work of Syd Barrett which goes way beyond what has been available up to now. The book is like a window into the creative history and personality of Roger Keith Barrett. It takes you on a highly visual journey through the mindset and creative paradigm of the boy known as Syd and is a remarkable achievement by the authors Russell Beecher and Will Shutes.”

Comparing the contents of this book to some of the disrespectful things that have appeared before now – like sly pictures through his house windows etcetera – you see a marked contrast and this adds even more splendour to this officially sanctioned book. Syd’s life through his creative output is a fascinating thing to see and, bearing in mind his family have shared lots of unseen photos of Syd’s youth, Pink Floyd and all those photos Syd took of the paintings he painted then destroyed, the book is rather comprehensive in nature!

A story as special as Syd Barrett’s deserves not to be published in a scrappy paperback format but, rather, a physical book as impressive as the boy Syd! The wonderful artwork, letters, photographs and Syd’s story are printed onto beautiful high quality paper which takes you as close as possible to holding before you the original materials! As such, the book is relatively expensive but the experience gained is well worth foregoing the price of a night out on the town! The book is one of those lifetime possessions that will bring the owner many years of enjoyment.

Neptune Pink Floyd, March 2011

“Barrett is the first book to have been made in conjunction with the Barrett family and the Syd Barrett Estate, and this has paid dividends with the material which has been uncovered and revealed for the first time. However, the publishers have cast their net far and wide, which has resulted in a wide variety of incredible, unpublished photos of the band, and Barrett, onstage and off. Despite our decades of research into the band, we enjoyed page after page of completely new pictures of them from their earliest days, coupled with family snapshots, personal letters, and Barrett’s artwork through the years, from early pieces through to pictures done shortly before his sad passing.

We are certain that this will be an absolutely essential collection for all fans of Syd Barrett and the early Pink Floyd - whichever edition you consider … we found it a mesmerizing selection of pictures, not just Syd’s artwork and letters (incredible in themselves), but rare photos including live, backstage, and portrait images, and endearing family snapshots – a collection the like of which has not been seen before. The sheer amount of ‘new’ images is quite astonishing and it is no surprise that the authors have been working on this for some time. Russell Beecher started sourcing Syd/Floyd images over three years ago, and both him and Will Shutes have been working hard on the book for the last couple of years. Their efforts and research are clear to see.

… the quality of the material and presentation justifies the asking price, in our opinion. Both books are on heavy, high quality matt art paper, in a nice large format (around 25cm × 28cm), making the most of each image. Original Syd Barrett items reach huge amounts at auction these days, so to get a decent alternative in the form of the artwork and other items in this book, at a real fraction of the price, has got to be worth consideration.”

Brain Damage, February 2011

“A glimpse into the mind of most iconic rock visionaries would be a difficult opportunity to pass up. A trip into the mind of Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett’s is unmissable … A no brainer for Floyd fans”

Shortlist, February 2011

“Though Syd Barrett passed away five years ago – notoriously estranged from the band with which he is famously associated, Pink Floyd, since 1968 – thanks to a retrospective exhibition at London's Idea Generation Gallery, Syd Barrett: Art and Letters, and an accompanying monograph, Barrett, the man and legend shines on improbably like some crazy diamond.”

Interview Magazine, March 2011


Craig Fellas on Facebook

“Have just flicked trough the books for the first time… and I must say that this is truly a great piece of art!!! Lovely to see these photos and all of Syd’s paintings. This is a must have for any Syd or Pink Floyd fan (will recommend the signature edition for the die hard Floyd collectors out there…) Huge thanks to the authors, publishers and not least all of Syd's family and friends for giving us the opportunity to get a better insight in Syd's life and know more about this great artist!”

Jørn-Terje Larsen on Facebook

“Thank you so much, truly a wonderful book.

John Vik, Seattle, Washington

“Yesterday arrived the Barrett book, in perfect condition. What a gem. Indeed a fantastic work, and worth every penny.

Thank you so much for this legacy of a great musician and painter.”

Thomas, Wil, Switzerland

“I just recieved the book and I have to admit, you guys have put together something that can be characterized as nothing short of sublime. It truly gives one a new perspecitve on the life of Syd and the passions that drove him to create the wonderful works of art—both as a painter, as well as a musician—that he did. I am sincerely grateful to the individuals who made this possible and would like you to know that the entire experience has been one that I will remember. Thanks again.”

Adrian Stewart on Facebook

“The wonderful book now is in my home!!!! Many thanks again!!! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful”

Luigi Martinuz, Italy

“Well worth every penny. Great book, thanks.”

Gary Floyd, California

“My book just arrived!!!! I have to say that it was definetly worth the wait. It’s really an amazing book! like some people commented it’s superb!”

Mayra Elias Hdz on Facebook

“After a few days of settling in with your wonderful book, just like to add it is a box of delights, beautifully presented and packaged and the quality of contents are superb, fantastic reproductions of wonderful photographs and artworks, a well deserved and fitting tribute to Syd.”

Tk Dyce on Facebook

“What a beautiful book!”

Vesa-Matti Sarenius on Facebook

“These books are amazing! I absolutely love them and it was clearly worth the wait!!! There are several photos that I have not seen. I think my favorite chapter in the book are the letters that Syd wrote to Libby … Thank you for putting such a great book together on Syd, he deserves it so much!”

Judi Molinari on Facebook

“Let's just say it was well worth the wait.”

Jochen Klug on Facebook

“Loving the book! very well put together, fantastic photos and writing on the art part. I’m very proud to be a tiny little part of this!”

Eva Wijkniet on Facebook

“I’ve got my copy too! given a quick look, trembled my hands at, it’s amazingly fantastic! thank you very much!”

Morgana Saturn on Facebook

“Amazing. I collect material of Pink Floyd since 1999 (you can see my list of collection here) and I think this book is a must have for any Floyd/Barrett fan... now I dive into reading!”

Simone Signoretti on Facebook

“Thank you so much for recent delivery of this astonishing book!”

André Borgdorff on Facebook

“What can I say? Such a labour of love of this level is quite difficult to compliment in words, but I will try… It is a simply stunning book and an absolute must have for any Barrett fan.”

Danny Short on Facebook

“I received my book yesterday and it’s very impressive; beautifully printed and bound. Superb! Well done to all involved!”

Kevan Porter on Facebook

“Got my book today, it looks absolutely stunning! Congratulations!”

Alex Faißt on Facebook

“My book arrived today, congratulations, superb work.”

Jean Claude Karle on Facebook

“My book arrived today and it’s everything I could have hoped for! Congratulations on producing such a thing of loveliness and a worthy tribute to Syd.”

Mark Stay on Facebook

“Thank you so much for all the work involved in producing such a top quality product… I will treasure it always.”

Jim Green on Facebook

“OMG… received it today and it’s beautiful”

Wesley Miner on Facebook

“I received it today! Perfect. I had bought it for my husband as a Father's Day gift. There is no way I was waiting until June. I waited until he was all the way in the door before I started jumping up and down saying ‘lookie here!! Ooooh...!’

He loves it. He’s hiding it from our two boys who while interested might not handle it in the way it deserves.”

Kelly Small, Fremont, California


Alison and Kevin Crisp, Chesterfield, England

“I got the book and read 3/4ths of it already. Absolutely Fucking Amazing!!! The photos are mostly if not all new to me and I have a zillion books on Floyd/Barrett. The art is killer! I am glad it is really smyth-sewn. Nice Cloth! And I LOVE The terrapin slipcase!!!”

Kelly S, Lawrence, Kansas

“I got the book yesterday and it’s all I’d hoped for. It arrived nearly in time (missed it by a few hours!) for my girlfriend’s birthday. She’ll be getting it today after work and she’ll be equal parts surprised and ecstatic!”

Jeff Newberry, Austin, Texas

“Thanks so much for this book! I thought I’ve seen every pic of Syd, but there are loads here that have been untapped.”

Dave Park, Richmond, Virginia

Saturday Breakfast, BBC London

Barrett co-author Will Shutes discusses the book with presenters Jo Good and Simon Ledermann.

Saturday Breakfast, BBC London, 19 March 2010

Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4

Jenny Spires talks to Jenni Murray about the love letters she received from Syd, which are reproduced in the book and on show at the Idea Generation Gallery exhibition.

Front Row, BBC Radio 4, 17 March 2010

Front Row, BBC Radio 4

Graham Coxon from Blur reviews the Syd Barrett artwork in the book on show at the Idea Generation Gallery exhibition.

Front Row, BBC Radio 4, 17 March 2010

Front Row, BBC Radio 4

Graham Coxon from Blur reviews the Syd Barrett artwork in the book on show at the Idea Generation Gallery exhibition.

Front Row, BBC Radio 4, 16 March 2010

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